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Fake Taxi Busty tv star gets a sticky facial

I recognized my next customer as soon as she got in the cab as I’d seen her on TV many times. She does some of the late night adult channels that you can phone in, I know as I’m always wanking over it. So after a few quick words, I asked her straight out if I could fuck her for some cash.

The answer was yes, but it was at a very high price. She knew I would pay it as I was dribbling all over my steering wheel. I grabbed some cash from the cash point and it was time to pull up anywhere quick before she changed her mind. Her tits were huge and I was busting at the seams to get my hands on them. She had a sexy, naughty look about her and I wanted all of my fantasies to come true. This was my Christmas present to myself, I love women.

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