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Fake Taxi Sexy mature milf in lingerie

This was one hot Lady, and as luck would have it this sexy lady played right into my hands. After realizing that she didn’t have her purse to pay me with and to do some Christmas shopping, she was quick to offer me a blowjob instead.

This was too good to be true and I did not want to waste anytime, so it was straight to the quiet spot. As soon as I was in the back, I had her sucking my cock. She had a natural tongue action and I think this wasn’t the first time for her on the back seat of a car. Then I asked her to lick my arse and she did it in style. I was starting to get a bit excited, so I then asked her to strip off for me. As she did, I wanked my cock and just knowing that I was now going to hammer her pussy was enough to stick this one straight in my private collection.

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Fake Taxi Busty tv star gets a sticky facial

I recognized my next customer as soon as she got in the cab as I’d seen her on TV many times. She does some of the late night adult channels that you can phone in, I know as I’m always wanking over it. So after a few quick words, I asked her straight out if I could fuck her for some cash.

The answer was yes, but it was at a very high price. She knew I would pay it as I was dribbling all over my steering wheel. I grabbed some cash from the cash point and it was time to pull up anywhere quick before she changed her mind. Her tits were huge and I was busting at the seams to get my hands on them. She had a sexy, naughty look about her and I wanted all of my fantasies to come true. This was my Christmas present to myself, I love women.

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Fake Taxi Lea

At first, Lea needed a bit of convincing that my taxi was actually real, but I managed to get her in the back seat and off we went. 19 year old Lea explained that she was barely out of school and needed some extra cash.

I offered her a free ride if she gave me something in return. Lea climbed into the front seat and sucked my cock as I drove. I just had to pull over and fuck her tight little pussy.

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Fake Taxi Nicola in London England – The Man in the black cab

Being new to the country, understanding just how the taxi system works and who you can trust is a big must. Unfortunately for Nicola, she doesn’t know the first thing about London and finds herself in the back of an unlicensed cab.

What results next is one of the most erotic occurrences you can imagine: her tight, beautiful snatch was subjected to pure bliss as her perfect teen body became the property of the taxi driver.

Watch on as she has the rear seat to work with while her tight little body is subjected to a vast range of erotic indulgences. This girl really is given a bit of London treatment when on all fours and being fucked like the good girl she is.

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Fake Taxi Veronica in London England – Airport Angel

Veronica has just arrived in England and she doesn’t really understand what it’s all about. When she jumps in the back of a fake taxi and the driver realizes just how gorgeous she is, he offers her a special discount rate for riding with him.

Of course, that discounted rate involves her getting fucked in the back of the taxi like the beautiful teen whore she is. That’s right, the blonde girl you see here gets her beautiful, supple body subjected to the full extent of a stranger’s cock.

The best part about it all is the fact that her time in the cab is one she enjoys: this girl is obsessed with being pleasured in every way possible, so getting free sex and a free ride was a win-win situation for her.

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Fake Taxi Emma in London England The Swingers

Here we see Emma, a girl who understand what England is all about and how raunchy some of the taxi drivers can get when she gets in the back of their cab. The natural progression of things means that she’s getting fucked by two guys at once.

What results is a beautiful English girl that loves nothing more than being pleasured in ways that you never thought possible. See, Emma is a whore at heart, so being offered two big fat cocks in exchange for a free taxi ride? Yeah, that one’s obvious.

So watch on as her beautiful body is subjected to hardcore sex and at the end of the day, she’s the one who receives a tip. It comes in a nice, thick white form – but that isn’t an issue. This fake taxi babe just loves it.

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