Fake Taxi Enza

I picked up Enza in my Taxi from the side of the street. Straight away I could see that she was upset. She told me that her boyfriend had cheated on her…again.

As a joke I suggested that we should record ourselves having sex in my taxi and send it to him on a DVD. She thought it was a great idea. She got my big dick in her pussy and her revenge was sweet.

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Fake Taxi Lea

At first, Lea needed a bit of convincing that my taxi was actually real, but I managed to get her in the back seat and off we went. 19 year old Lea explained that she was barely out of school and needed some extra cash.

I offered her a free ride if she gave me something in return. Lea climbed into the front seat and sucked my cock as I drove. I just had to pull over and fuck her tight little pussy.

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Fake Taxi Nicola in London England – The Man in the black cab

Being new to the country, understanding just how the taxi system works and who you can trust is a big must. Unfortunately for Nicola, she doesn’t know the first thing about London and finds herself in the back of an unlicensed cab.

What results next is one of the most erotic occurrences you can imagine: her tight, beautiful snatch was subjected to pure bliss as her perfect teen body became the property of the taxi driver.

Watch on as she has the rear seat to work with while her tight little body is subjected to a vast range of erotic indulgences. This girl really is given a bit of London treatment when on all fours and being fucked like the good girl she is.


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Fake Taxi Veronica in London England – Airport Angel

Veronica has just arrived in England and she doesn’t really understand what it’s all about. When she jumps in the back of a fake taxi and the driver realizes just how gorgeous she is, he offers her a special discount rate for riding with him.

Of course, that discounted rate involves her getting fucked in the back of the taxi like the beautiful teen whore she is. That’s right, the blonde girl you see here gets her beautiful, supple body subjected to the full extent of a stranger’s cock.

The best part about it all is the fact that her time in the cab is one she enjoys: this girl is obsessed with being pleasured in every way possible, so getting free sex and a free ride was a win-win situation for her.


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Fake Taxi Ashley in London England – Man in the Black Cab



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Fake Taxi Emma in London England The Swingers

Here we see Emma, a girl who understand what England is all about and how raunchy some of the taxi drivers can get when she gets in the back of their cab. The natural progression of things means that she’s getting fucked by two guys at once.

What results is a beautiful English girl that loves nothing more than being pleasured in ways that you never thought possible. See, Emma is a whore at heart, so being offered two big fat cocks in exchange for a free taxi ride? Yeah, that one’s obvious.

So watch on as her beautiful body is subjected to hardcore sex and at the end of the day, she’s the one who receives a tip. It comes in a nice, thick white form – but that isn’t an issue. This fake taxi babe just loves it.


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Fake Taxi Samantha

The old tricks are the best. I picked up the sexy looking Samantha. She was very keen to get home. I told her that I knew a short cut and it would be much quicker.

I pretended to be lost and suddenly run out of fuel. She was so angry! I told her that I have a reserve can of fuel but it would be very expensive for her. She decided that she would use her pussy as payment to get home.

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Fake Taxi Angel

After a hard days work, the last thing Angel wanted was a Taxi driver who would not stop talking. She just wanted to be left in peace. I took her for a journey home that she would never forget.

I’ll never know how long it took her to get home because after we stopped fucking on my car, I left her stranded in the middle of nowhere!

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Fake Taxi Jay

The first thing I noticed about Jay was her big, natural tits, and I wanted them in my mouth. Thankfully this girl from the valleys was no innocent.

She was looking for a good time and with just a few glances in my rear view mirror she knew I was well up for it. I couldn’t wait to take her to a quiet local spot.

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Fake Taxi Ava

Ava was new to the United Kingdom and didn’t really know what the rules when riding were. She tried to fare dodge and of course, this only resulted in one thing: an exchange of ass for a ride. After all, the alternative was being taken to the police station.

What made the event even that more pleasurable was the fact that Ava absolutely loved being fucked. We don’t know if it was the risk of being taken to prison that turned her on, or the mere enjoyment of cock that got her off. Either way, she was really fucking horny.

Girls like this need to travel to London more often, so that their tight little foreign pussies can be filled to the brim with taxi driver cock. Ava was one good little slut and she did her job perfectly: everyone loves a taxi passenger that fucks on command!

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